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Geek Stuff

This page is dedicated to true geek stuff related to personal transportation. If you aren't into drag coefficients, frequency response, efficiency measurement, etc. you belong back on the home page.

Vehicle Design

Technology Fundamentals
My paper on the limits of light electric vehicle design.

Interesting Stuff
Fabric-based bicycle enclosures -- providing convenient weather protection in a light vehicle is a hard problem.

Guilty Pleasure
Ducati Monster -- about three times more power than needed, but how can you not love these bikes?
BMW G650 -- for the more obsessive engineer type.

Academic Journals
Transportation -- Kluwer's academic journal.

Bicycle Science on-line community
International Human-Powered Vehicle Association

More Books
From the American System to Mass Production - David Hounshell's fascinating book on American manufacturing, including detailed history of 19th century bicycle industry.

Bicycle power/speed calculator (not fully verified...occassionally a result seems fishy to me...)

Human-Powered Flight-- great stuff, even if impractical for useful transportation.

My whacky paper on why bicycling is bad for the environment. (Read it before sending hate mail, please.)

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