This site contains a collection of information, resources, and opinions related to personal transportation. We focus on single-person travel of distances of up to about 20 kilometers. We deliberately do not focus on conventional automobiles, as there are many sites and publications dedicated to cars. We include human-powered transportation in our scope, along with motorbikes, motorcycles, and other powered personal transportation vehicles. We have a slight bias towards human- and electric-powered vehicles, but try to be even handed in our consideration of a variety of transportation technologies.

This home page shows the most commonly viewed links. See also the geek page for more technical/eclectic information, and the editorial pages for commentary.

Technologies and Products
Reference and History
Government, Politics, and Policy

Polution Offsetts for Consumers
TerraPass (automobile offsets)

Xootr Swift (folding bike) - discontinued
Folding Bike Comparison Chart

Bicycle Museum of America

Voloci Motorbike (2-wheel, electric)
Oxygen Motorscooter (2-wheel, electric)
Electricmoto Dirt Bike (2-wheel, electric)
eGo Scooter Bike (2-wheel, electric)

Stand-On Scooters
Xootr Scooters - high-end kick scooters.
Segway Human Transporter (2-wheel lateral, electric)
Currie Scooters
-- Probably the best kids' electric scooter.
Badsey/Zortch Scooters
-- (2-wheel electric)
Eichholz Uniroller Factory Scooter

Electric-Assist Vehicles
Giant Lite (via Electric Vehicles NW)
Giant Twist (via Electric Vehicles NW)

Kronosport "vans" and "trucks" (pedal/electric utility vehicles)

Enclosed/Semi-enclosed Vehicles
Corbin sparrow (3-wheeler)
Tango (narrow electric car)
BMW C1 (cool semi-enclosed motorcycle,discontinued
VW 1 liter vehicle

Research Organizations
Institute of Transportation Studies (UC system)
Center for Sustainable Systems (U Michigan)

Web Resources
AMA Motorcycle Museum -- amazing classic motorcycle collection.
Innovative Transportation Technologies (Jerry Schnieder's very interesting page; focus on innovative "rail" vehicles)
Sheldon Brown's Bike Tech/Repair Site -- Good stuff.
Commute-by-bike blog
V is for Voltage (light electric forum)

Transportation Alternatives

Bicycling Science - The standard against which other personal transportation books are measured.
Human-Powered Vehicles - Edited volume with excellent information on cycles, aircraft, watercraft. Most information quite relevant to non-human-powered vehicles, too.
Product Design and Development - Outstanding text on creating new products (...ok, ok...I wrote it. -KU)

Taliah Lempert's Bicycle Paintings
BikeReader Blogs

Bike-to-work Information (US)
League of American Bicyclists (US)
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (US)
Bikes Belong (US)
Nat'l Ctr for Bicycling and Walking
America Bikes (US Lobbying Org)
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia (US/Philadelphia)
Transportation Alternatives (US/NYC)
BikeLink-Info/Advocacy (US California)

Government Sites
US Personal Transportation Study (US, data)
US EPA global warming site (US, useful data)
US Bureau of Transportation Statistics (US, usage/behavior data)
National Transportation Library (US, DOT)
US Annual Energy Review (great data on US)
Alternative Fuels Data Center (US, mostly car focus, but lots of good info on incentives)AaA)
California Zero Emissions Vehicle Program (US/California)

My whacky paper on
why bicycling is bad for the environment.

(Read it before sending hate mail, please.)

Site Editor Karl Ulrich, University of Pennsylvania Disclaimer Ulrich is a principal of Xootr LLC, a personal transportation company with products represented on this site. He is also a founder of Terrapass, Inc. Despite this potential conflict of interest, Ulrich tries to be objective.

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